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Camp Splinter

The Camp is now closed until April, 2014. Please check the Reservations page for available rates and info.

Camp Splinter Shines Again. . . Thanks to so many loyal volunteers but especially to Nancy & Bill Leffingwell whose passion to re-invigorate the Camp was second to none.

Perhaps you've stayed here over the years or visited it as a child. Camp Splinter has been in existence since 1940. The Chamber has been responsible for it since 1967. Since 2012, when the Richwood Organizational Camp was formed, we have been able to get grants to help clean up the Camp and are making plans for future improvements. We are blessed with a beautiful location and with a little TLC, we have made it an even better place for families to visit. Some families have come back every year for years..

Please read on. And if you'd like to join us in "Making Splinter Better" or book a space for 2014, please contact Pat McKenzie at the Richwood Chamber of Commerce 304 - 846 - 6790. Please check our archives page for information on our challenges and progress.

Chris Schafer was nice enough to send us some photos of his fishing trips. If you have photos of your stay with us, we'll be happy to post them. Chris has a new web site for WV fishermen. Please visit it at http://www.wvfisherman.com. It has a wealth of information on stream stocking, etc.

CABIN PROJECT: The cabin has been renovated and will be available to rent this summer. Groups that have already booked will be offered first chance to rent the cabin as well during their stay in the lodge. Please let us know if you are interested.